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Posters created by YPEF contest finalists

During this year’s YPEF contest final, students worked together in mixed international teams. One of the final's tasks was preparation and presentation of the poster on various forest related topics. We present works that they created: More Info »

Results of the European YPEF Final - Eberswalde 2014

In the days from 29.09 to 3.10.2014 took place the European YPEF Final 2014 in Eberswalde, Germany. Students from 11 European countries arrived to Eberswalde to have fun and compete in the contest.



This year’s final was organized in a completely different formula than before. The students did not compete in the national teams but on the first day they were divided into mixed international teams (in each team there were students from 3 different countries). They worked together in these mixed teams throughout the whole final.

The tasks involved:

- paper test of knowledge about forests of Europe and of European countries,

- field activities in the forest

- preparation and presentation of the poster on various forest related topics.


The winners of the YPEF 2014 European Final are:

  More Info »

National Stage in Greece 2014

The Greek Stage of the YPEF Contest was held on Saturday 19 of May 2014. 19 teams of 3 students participated to the contest. Congratulation to all the students for their effort. The Contest language was Greek. The students had to answer to 50 multiple choice questions, concerning Forests in Europe. The Contest duration was 1,5 hours. Each team took 1 point for each correct answer and there was no negative rating.According to the ranking score the winning team is that consisting of Maria Palantza, Lydia – Stavroula Tomara and Aggeliki Chrysomalli, students of the 1 Secondary School of Limni Evia. The winning team will represent Greece to the European Contest “Young People in European Forests” that will take place on 29.9.2014-3.10.2014, in Eberswalde, Germany. More Info »

New photo contest: „Our Forests”

We are announcing new YPEF mini photo contest, under the title: “Our Forests”!

Each participant has to send two photos: 

The first photo should present the role of forest in our environment - how we can use any goods that forest gives us (e.g. different ways of spending leisure time in forest, usage of forest resources like wood, mushrooms or fruits etc.) 

The second photo should show how people can affect forest ecosystem - how we can care about forests, not only by participating in Clean Up the World events, but also by foresters work, planting new trees, timber harvesting etc.

We count on your creativity! More Info »

National Stage in Germany 2014

Chantal Bohn, Lucas Nahs and Philine Wegner from Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium Eberswalde won the national final of "Young People in European Forests” in Germany.
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