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National Stage in Poland


In Poland the contest was organized by Forest Friends Association with the support of the State Forests National Forest Holding. National Stage in Poland consists of two parts. First part: preparation of a presentation about „Forests in Poland and Europe. Characteristics and management”. On 24th of May took place the National Final Stage in Poland. The final was organized in Warsaw University of Life Sciences. The best 31 teams, who participated in the qualifying stage, met at the final and wrote the test of 30 questions in English. Two teams reached 27 points and the play - off was necessary, but after that the teams again reached the same score: (4/7) About winning decided better presentation from first part of the contest The winners are Mariola Klaś, Katarzyna Leszczyńska and Kamil Sado from the II High Schools in Cracow and they will go to the European Final in in Latvia - LVM Nature Park in Tervete. Congratulations and many thanks to all students, teachers and foresters!

State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine held a national stage of international contest "Young Peoples in European Forests"


June 17 State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine held a national stage of international contest "Young Peoples in European Forests". Selection was conducted by the Forester Association of Ukraine and State Forest Resources Agency of Ukraine as part of the competition for the best forestry school.

15 forestry students from Sumy, Zhytomyr, Poltava and Kirovohrad regions took part in selection.
At national stage there were three test competitions on:
• general knowledge of Ukrainian forest and forestry.
• ability to understand the forest related issues.
• ability to communicate in English on forest related issues.

The first two places were taken by representatives of the Poltava region. Third place was shared by representatives of Zhytomyr and Kirovograd regions.

In the European Phase of the international contest to be held in Latvia on 28-30 September 2016 will participate Dubrova Yevheniia, Maksakova Veronika and Huseinova Diana.


National stage in Portugal 2016


On May 31st , in Parque Biológico de Vinhais in Bragança, took place the national stage of YPEF Contest in Portugal.

In this 6th Edition the winning team is represented by Ana Tavares, Mariana Tavares, Rita Cruz from Escola Básica e Secundária de Búzio - Vale de Cambra, who participated with the guidance of the teacher, Isabel Drumond.

For the winning national team YPEF Contest "allowed a better understanding of forest potentials and gave the opportunity to the participants of the national phase to meet different Portuguese protected areas." In addition, "it enables the discovery of European forests with a little more detail," not only for the theoretical information of the YPEF Contest, but also by the participation in a the European protected area in Latvia.

In second place was the team of Secondary School Henrique Medina and in third the Secondary School Quinta das Palmeiras.

At the National Final, all teams undertook a written test in English and created and presented a poster on the theme "the functions of the forest in the region close to the school," which used the knowledge acquired during the contest.

In the coming months, the three students of the winning National Team will prepare to participate in the European Phase YPEF Contest that will take place between 28 and 30 September, in the Natural Park of LVM in Tervete, Latvia.

At this stage, they will be acquainted with the local biodiversity, participate in activities in the forest along with the winning teams from Germany, Austria, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Romania and Ukraine to compete to win the 6th Edition YPEF Contest.

National Stage in Romania 2016


Welcome to the International Competition "Young People in European Forests" YPEF 2015/2016

In Romania, the contest is organized by the National Forest Administration - ROMSILVA together with the Association for Sustainable Community Development – Alutus and the Ministry of Youth & Sports.

The contest involved 40 educational institutions from 20 counties in Romania.

This year the National Stage of the competition was held from 18 to 22 May in Pădureni, Covasna County. At this stage 15 teams had to solve indoor and outdoor tasks in order to win this stage.

After evaluating the results the National Commission declared as the winner of the YPEF National Stage the team of the National College Alexandru Papiu Ilarian from Targu Mures:

- Mătieș Georgiana - student;

- Pașca Sylvya - student;

- Toma Daniel - student;

- Pogăcean Daniela - teacher.

The winners will participate at the European Stage, which will be held in Latvia from 28 to 30 September.

Good luck to the young participants!



National Stage in Greece 2016


The Greek Stage of the YPEF Contest was held on Saturday 23 of April 2016, all over Greece.
The Contest was organized by the Management Body of Parnitha National Forests Park, the General Directorate for the Development and Protection of Forests and Rural Environment and the local Forest Services.
159  teams  of  students  aged  13-17  years  old,  from  Secondary  and  High  schools  all  over Greece, participated to the contest. Congratulation to all the students for their effort.
The  Contest  language  was  English.  The  students  had  to  answer  to  50  multiple  choice questions,  concerning  the  Nature  and  Forests  in  Europe  and  in  European  Countries. According  to  the  ranking  score,  the  winning  team  is  that  consisting  of  Alexia-Myrsini Angelidou, Danai Dimitriou and Ioanna – Ariadni Kaneleti from the 3 rd  Secondary school of Alexandroupolis.  
The winning team will represent Greece to the European Contest which will take place on 28-30 September 2016 in Latvia.  
We wish to Alexia-Myrsini, Danai and Ioanna- Ariadni good luck and similar success to the European Contest.

National Stage in Ukraine


We invite you to participate in the national qualification round of the international contest „Young People in European Forests”
     In 2015 the team of Ukrainian pupils participated in the international contest „Young People in European Forests” for the first time. As a member of international team a young forester Andriy Halushka from Kirovograd region won the first place.
     The international contest „Young People in European Forests” includes two stages, the first of which is the national qualification round to select the team of pupils (at the age under 19). In 2016 (September) the final stage of the international contest “Young People in European Forests” will take place in Latvia.
     With the aim of selecting the team of Ukraine which will participate in the final stage of the international contest „Young People in European Forests” The National Agency of Forest Resources of Ukraine and the Association of Foresters of Ukraine will conduct the national qualification round till 1 August 2016 along with the contest for the best school forestry.
     The members of the teams which will be prize winners of the contest for the best school forestry will have an opportunity to pass the interview to be included to the Ukrainian team participating in the final of international contest “Young People in European Forests”.
     The necessary condition to participate in the interview among the school forestries (which will be prize winners in the contest for the best school forestry) is the knowledge of English language, basics of forestry and orientation in the problems of the modern forest sector management of Ukraine.
     The test and interview will be held in English. The participants of the qualification round will get appropriate preparation materials – the booklet “Forestry of Ukraine” in English.
     On the international stage three official and one unofficial contests will be held. Official contests – testing of knowledge of forestry of Europe, practical contest checking the basic knowledge of forestry and the preparation of presentation on defined topic. The language of communication is English.
     The conditions of the contest as well as the learning textbook regarding the peculiarities of forestry in Europe will be put on the webpage of the contest
     More information