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Declaration of Intend

Gołuchów, October 22, 2009

Declaration of Intend

The participants of the International Conference YPEF 2010 in Forest Culture Center, Gołuchów, Poland, organized on October 22-23, 2009 r. agree to work together to develop the forest education in Europe and to promote the knowledge of European forest areas, the sustainable development in forestry and the biodiversity in European nature.

In order to achieve it we are going to organize the International Contest ”Young People in European Forests” YPEF 2010.

The Contest shall gather young people from the European countries. The International Committee YPEF 2010 shall consist of representatives of the national forest administrations and of the non‑governmental organizations that declare the will to organize the Contest, one or two persons from each institution.

“The Rules of the Contest” and “The Program Basis” will be accepted by the decision of the International Committee YPEF 2010.