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National Stage Contest YPEF in Austria – 13th of May 2015!


The National Stage Contest took place on 13th of May 2015 (09.35 a.m. – 12.00 a.m.) at the Technical Forestry High School Bruck / Mur (Styria), Dr. Theodor Körnerstrasse 44, 8600 Bruck / Mur.In Austria the Contest was organized by the Union of Austrian Foresters. The Contest language was Englisch.
The Contest has two parts:
1st part: Test (answering a list of preapared questions about European forests)
2nd part: short PP-presentation of „Different issues about Austrian Forest`s”
Participants are students from the 3rd and 4th classes (apr. 70 students) - Forestry High School. (3a and 3b, 4a and 4b). Winners are Daniel Haubenberger (4a), Philip Svazek (3b) and Tobias Ofner (3b). They will go in outumn, accompanied by members of the National Commission (Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Gailberger, Ing. Schweighofer and Ing. Baschny) to the International Contest in Busteni (Romaia.

National Stage in Czech Republic


The local, regional and national stages gathered 86 schools, 176 teams and 527 contestants. The winners of the national final stage, which took place on April 29 to 30 are Karolína Hušková, Vojtěch Hladík, František Buben from ČLA Trutnov. See you in Romania!

New booklet 2015 published!

Take part in the 5th edition of YPEF contest!

Below you can find the new educational materials for the contest's 2015 edition

In comparison to the materials from last year, there are updates only in the texts concerning Romania and Portugal. The remnaining texts are the same as in previous edition.

On 21.02.2015 we uploaded the corrected booklet on the website. For the previous approximately 2 weeks due to a technical error the booklet published was not the proper official version (changes concern pages 2-13). Please check if you have downloaded the proper version of the booklet! More Info »

YPEF V - National Stages Contests

National Stage Contests will take place:

  • in Estonia - most likely at the end of March or in April
  • in Czech Republic - in April
  • in Germany - at the beginning of February until end of April
  • in Portugal - on May 15th
  • in Hungary - at the beginning of May
  • in Romania - on May 6th-8th
  • in Poland - on May 20th
  • We'll be announcing dates for other countries soon!

    Results of photo contest "Our forests"


    We would like to thank all of you who have sent photos to the contest "Our Forests".
    Below we present the results:   More Info »

    YPEF V edition announced!

    V Edition of International Contest YPEF 

    The fifth edition of the YPEF contest announced!

    The YPEF International Commission announces the fifth edition of the international contest Young People in European Forests. National stages of the contest will be held between 1st of February and 15th of September 2015. The European Stage will be organized by Romanian National Forest Administration ROMSILVA and will take place in Brasov,  Romania in September 2015.  More Info »